Ryan Beppel was born in Philadelphia and lives in New York.   He is a composer, producer, DJ and guitarist interested in acoustics, the perception sound, and ultimately, how they come together in a musical context.  His favorite instruments are bass, percussion and electric guitar.

As a child, he studied violin but later changed to electric guitar to pursue rock music.  These two contrasting experiences are critical influences often heard in his pieces.  His fascination with late renaissance vocal music, and contemporary percussion music is exceeded by a love of hip-hop and electronic dance music.  The collision of influences, while seemingly unlikely, come together with what has been described as occupying a space between "order"​ and "chaotic,"​ whatever that means.

He is a founding member of the aaaviary collective, a collective of composers and DJs based in New York and Berlin focused on integrating art music with progressive dance music. He's worked with the Argento Chamber Ensemble since 2008 as a sound engineer, production manager and as a featured MATA composer in 2010.  His principal teachers are: Arthur Kampela, Fabien Levy, Tristan Murail and Georg Friedrich Haas.